How This Vlogger Gained 2 Million Subscribers In 2 Years

YouTube vlogging has become a common format type for many content creators. It has been popularized by many individuals, such as Casey Neistat, who focuses exclusively on vlogging.

One such individual is the YouTuber Brandon Awadis, also known as Brawadis, who has become quite popular recently on YouTube. Below are the reasons why Brawadis has earned over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

1. Brawadis’s content is interesting and creative.

The content Brandon Awadis produces is usually vlogs, which are interesting because he takes viewers along on his day-to-day adventures. The vlogs are detailed and shot with high-quality cameras, which is appealing to fans. The content on his channel ranges from pranks to vlogs, which, accompanied with his personality and humor, make his videos entertaining.

Below is an example of his content.

2. He is a fresh face to the YouTube scene.

Brandon Awadis started his channel in 2015, and he has seen a significant subscriber gain since the beginning. He is newer to YouTube, and he has managed to successfully produce content and retain a good number of subscribers. Below is a video from his channel.

3. The celebrities and YouTubers he features in his videos make his channel entertaining.

Brawadis features many individuals on his channel, ranging from Fouseytube, Faze Rug, and even celebrities. This makes his videos entertaining to viewers and shows his ability to interact with different people.
Below is an example of this.

Above are the reasons why Brawadis has earned over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The content he produces is interesting, and he is a fresh face to YouTube. The people he features on his channel make his videos entertaining.

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