How This Parody Video Got 600,000 Views In A Year

RobertIDK has been making YouTube videos for about three years now, and he already has more than a quarter million subscribers. He made a name for himself through laugh-out-loud videos that somehow manage to be super relatable, too.

A certain parody video that Robert made last summer got more than 600,000 views in a year. Here’s how.

1. He parodied a hit song by a popular band.

Robert’s “Fanboys” is a parody of the hit song “Heathens” by Twenty-One Pilots. By parodying a popular song, Robert created a video that will appear in the recommendations under the music video or other lyric videos for the original song. His parody is more likely to be suggested to viewers by YouTube’s search engine than an original song would have been.

“Fanboys” is a parody of this song.

2. He used the names and faces of popular YouTubers to attract more viewers.

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two of the biggest names on YouTube. They have more than ten million subscribers between them, and together, Dan and Phil created a brand that includes online media, radio, books, merchandise, and a worldwide tour. Their fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated viewers on YouTube, and Robert knew that these viewers would devour anything they could that mentioned Dan and Phil.

This wasn’t the first or the last time that Robert used Dan and Phil to get views.

3. He targeted his video towards a very specific audience.

In the end of his “Fanboys” video, Robert explains that he chose to do a Dan and Phil parody of “Heathens” because many people who are fans of Twenty-One Pilots are also fans of Dan and Phil. Many of these fans were already part of Robert’s fan base as well, so he knew that this kind of video would catch this audience like wildfire.

Robert often caters to specific YouTube audiences.

RobertIDK created a viral video by catering to a specific audience and incorporating two very popular franchises into his creation. If you want to get lots of views quickly, this is a good way to do it.

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