How To Build A Strong Fan Base For Your Channel

YouTube has spawned some of the biggest fan bases on the internet, from Dan and Phil’s Phandom to Lilly Singh’s audience of thirteen million subscribers. With a strong fan base, you’ll have consistent views and a market for your merch. More importantly, you’ll have a loyal band of supporters who always have your back.

Here’s how to build a strong fan base for your channel.

1. Give your channel a unique personality.

There are seemingly endless channels on YouTube. However, the most popular are always the ones who create larger-than-life characters. By giving your channel a unique personality, you can stand out from the crowd of other content creators.

Most everyone on YouTube can recognize Lilly Singh by her positive attitude and iconic long hair. By branding herself as Superwoman, Lilly built a following that’s thirteen million subscribers strong.

2. Create content for your target audience.

One of the most effective ways to grow your audience is to cater towards a certain kind of viewer. For example, lifestyle vloggers who test toys and share school life hacks amass lots of younger viewers.

Chinese-Australian vlogger Wengie creates family-friendly videos that are loved by kids all across the globe. Her colorful, upbeat videos keep them coming back for more.

3. Interact with your audience on social media.

As a vlogger, your most powerful tool is social media. This is where you can connect with your audience one-on-one and grow your following.

Vloggers like the Dolan Twins even make entire videos about interacting with their fans online.

Growing a fan base is all about giving your audience what they want. By creating content targeted at a niche audience and interacting with them online, you can start building a fan base of your own.

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