Why Lilly Singh Is One Of The Biggest Creators On YouTube

Most everyone, from the most casual viewer to the hardcore YouTube fan, is familiar with Lilly Singh in at least some capacity. Her channel, iiSuperwomanii, is one of the biggest on the platform. Her popularity has opened doors for other up-and-coming vloggers trying to break into the limelight.

Here’s why Lilly is one of the biggest creators on YouTube.

1. She broke the mold and started new trends in content creation.

Before Lilly hit the scene, most of YouTube was dominated by gaming channels. She started making comedy videos during a time that YouTube was transitioning from its original stars who began pursuing outside projects to a new and younger audience than it had before. Lilly made videos that most any viewer could relate to. Her “Types of People” videos were soon widely shared across social media.

Lilly’s popularity opened to door for more creators to move onto the platform. More up-and-coming social media stars followed her to YouTube, including former Viners like Liza Koshy.

2. She created a strong and empowering personal brand that inspired her viewers.

Lilly’s main shtick is being a “bawse.” She branded herself as a strong and powerful woman who could achieve anything she set her mind to. However, she also centered her channel on the power of positivity, encouraging her viewers to love themselves and each other equally.

Lilly’s message resonated with millions of viewers across the globe. Its influence led to a book deal and a worldwide tour.

3. She continues to make the kinds of videos that her viewers first loved.

Lilly didn’t change her content style when her channel boomed in popularity. Though she’s now able to create bigger and better content, she stays true to the same silly, relatable personality of her original videos.

Lilly Singh is one of the biggest creators on YouTube because of the empowering personal brand that she established. Her relatable content and powerful message resonate with millions of viewers every single day.

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