3 Ways To Make Editing Your Videos Easier

Filming new videos is fun, but editing them is where the work really begins. However, post-production is where raw footage becomes a great video. Good editing can make or break a video.

Here are a few ways to make editing your videos easier.

1. Pre-film several videos at once.

Many vloggers dedicate one day or several days to filming everything that they’ll need for the next week or so. That way, when they have time to edit, they can get through several videos more quickly.

Pick one day of the week to film everything that you’ll need for your next five videos. Gather any props or special equipment that you’ll need. You can change clothes between takes so that your videos don’t all look the same. Film each video straight through without stopping. Once you’re finished, you’ll have more time in the coming weeks to edit because your footage is ready and waiting.

2. Set strict deadlines for yourself.

Vlogging is just like any other job. Careers come with schedules and deadlines, and you’re responsible for setting one for yourself. Create a document that outlines exactly when you’re going to film, edit, and upload each video.

Hold yourself accountable to the deadlines that you set. You can even determine small rewards to encourage yourself to be on time, such as allowing yourself to sleep in the day after your video is uploaded.

3. Consider hiring an editor to help you out.

There’s no shame in getting help if you need it. Many of the most popular vloggers don’t do all of their own editing. Some even hire camera operators to help them create the best videos possible.

Hiring a video editor could be as simple as paying your little brother to cut out all the pauses in your footage. You can easily find an editor by posting an ad online or contacting a local university’s film department.

A great video starts with good editing. Set strict deadlines for yourself and get help if you need it. You’ll feel like a professional editor in no time.

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