How These Vloggers Created A Successful Collaboration Channel

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are two of the biggest names on British YouTube. Together, they have a combined ten million subscribers, two books, a radio show, and a world tour. The Dan and Phil brand is popular all across social media, with millions of young fans dedicating their time and effort to supporting their favorite vloggers.

One of their biggest projects is DanAndPhilGAMES, their collaboration that boasts more than two million subscribers. They upload several new videos a week, and each receives thousands of views almost instantly. Here’s how they created a successful collaboration channel.

1. They created a brand together.

Dan and Phil didn’t start their YouTube careers together. However, as their friendship grew, so did their fan following. Viewers began to treat them as two halves of a whole rather than two separate channels. Rather than fight against it, Dan and Phil adopted the combined brand for themselves.

They began to do things together for their viewers, such as special annual videos and a shared merch shop. Dan and Phil quickly became one of the most widely recognized duos on YouTube.

2. They create their collab channel based on a shared passion.

Both Dan and Phil are unashamedly obsessed with video games. They often mention their favorite games in videos and on social media. Because gaming is also a popular content niche on YouTube, they decided to start a gaming channel for themselves.

They took inspiration from their favorite gamers, such as PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye, when creating their own channel.

3. They create videos that viewers who don’t play video games can enjoy.

Many of the games that Dan and Phil play aren’t the kind that viewers find on other channels. They often try out unique online games or mobile apps that are more accessible to viewers who aren’t glued to their Xboxes.

Dan and Phil also make a lot of videos based on viewer requests. Whether it’s the latest viral game or another episode of their popular Sims series, they like to give the viewers what they want.

Dan and Phil created a successful collaboration channel by first creating a shared brand. By choosing to create content in a niche they both enjoyed, they opened up the world of video games to many viewers who wouldn’t otherwise be watching gaming videos.

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