Why Goodnight Tonight Is On The Way To The Top

It takes a lot of hard work to make it as a band. However, the Ohio-based rock group Goodnight Tonight is well on its way to the top.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. The members have been working together for years.

Lead vocalist Emily Gambone and bassist Holly Camp have been playing together since 2008. Working with producer Mike Brown, they released a six-track EP. The duo won the Tri-C High School Rock Off in 2013, prompting the band to change its name to Goodnight Tonight. Soon after, they added lead guitarist Drew Spreitzer and drummer Brad Sims.

Check out this music video that Goodnight Tonight released.

2. They won three Indie Music Awards.

Soon after the name change, the band released its EP Watch the Rain. This album was nominated for three Indie Music Awards, and the band took home all of them.

Check out this song.

3. They got local radio airplay.

More recently, the band’s song “Poison” received local radio airplay. The station 88.9 picked up the song for Ohio listeners.

Listen to “Poison” below.

4. They opened for major acts such as Twenty-One Pilots.

Goodnight Tonight is already catching Hollywood’s eye. They’ve opened for national acts such as Staind, Courage My Love, PVRIS, and Twenty-One Pilots.

They’ve been performing songs from their latest album, Counting Sheep.

Goodnight Tonight is an indie band that is well on its way to the major leagues. With an incredible team dynamic and a unique sound, Goodnight Tonight will soon be playing major stadiums everywhere.

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