How Justin Bieber Became The Most Viewed Artist On VEVO

Since his emergence into fame with his platinum debut album My World, Justin Bieber has received a lot of love and a lot of criticism. Either way, he was the top of the music world and became the first artist to reach ten billion views on VEVO.

He has won numerous awards, including a Grammy, and has sold over 100 million records. However, many aspiring artists have just one question for Bieber: how did he rise to the top as the most viewed artist on VEVO?

Here are some reason people love Justin Bieber.

1. His songs are catchy.

Love him or hate him, Bieber’s songs are fun to sing along to. Not everyone has “Bieber Fever,” but whenever his song comes on, everyone in the room is bound to sing along.

2. He can dance and perform.

In a world with great singers constantly coming into fame, artists need to be able to perform in order to wow their audience. Justin Bieber does this with his dancing. On stage and in his music videos, he shows off his dancing skills, and his fans love it.

3. He cares about his fans.

Fans love Justin Bieber because he loves his fans. He is always telling them how great they are, updating them on his life, and giving back whatever ways he can. Fans love an artist that shows them that he cares.

Justin Bieber came to fame at a young age, but he has not let his fans down. He continues to put out music and performances that fans love because the songs are catchy, he shows off his dancing abilities, and he never stops caring about his fans. He gives the fans everything that they want.

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