How This YouTuber Earned A Million Subscribers

Even though he’s only eighteen years old, Trevor Moran has been making YouTube videos for nearly a decade. Now, he has more than one million subscribers and 67 million total views.

Here’s how Trevor Moran became a successful vlogger.

1. He made a name for himself with a certain type of video.

The first videos that Trevor posted on YouTube were his “Apple Store Dances.” These videos of Trevor dancing in popular songs in the Apple store quickly went viral.

In order to bring attention to your channel, start simply. Turn a viral video into a series in order to keep your viewers coming back.

Check out one of Trevor’s most popular Apple Store Dances here.

2. He joined a collaboration channel.

In 2012, Trevor’s friends invited him to join their collaboration channel Our2ndLife. The six-member O2L became a major hit, gaining three million subscribers during the two years they worked together.

Once you’ve got a substantial number of subscribers, consider starting a collaboration channel with a few of your vlogger friends. Posting weekly videos to this channel will help all of you gain more exposure for your channels.

Trevor recently reunited with several O2L members for this collaboration video on his personal channel.

3. On his personal channel, he’s upfront and open with his viewers.

From coming out as gay to discussing his stint on reality TV, there’s nothing that Trevor keeps from his viewers. These conversational videos have built a strong sense of community in his viewership.

In order to make your subscribers into a family, you’ve got to be open with them. Don’t keep important secrets from your viewers. Rather, share your struggles with them so that they can learn or relate.

Trevor’s “Exposing The X-Factor” is the most popular video on his channel.

4. He uses his channel to draw attention to other projects, too.

Trevor uses his YouTube video to promote his music career as well. He keeps subscribers updated on new music releases and upcoming albums.

If you write a blog, record music, or have any other sort of content creation job, use your YouTube channel to promote it, and vice versa.

Check out Trevor’s latest Vevo music video below.

Trevor Moran has grown from a viral video star to a YouTube and music legend. Follow these tips to start building your own social media career.

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