Why Fans Of Different Genres Love Taylor Swift’s Music

Taylor Swift first came onto the scene as a sixteen-year-old country singer. Her debut album Taylor Swift was the first of four successful country albums. However, in 2014, Taylor released her first official fully-fledged pop album, 1989.

The genre switch wasn’t difficult for Taylor because she already had millions of fans in the pop genre. Her previous singles often played on mainstream radio, so the transition didn’t come as a surprise to many.

Here’s why fans of different genres love Taylor Swift’s music.

1. She made country music more approachable for an outside audience.

Before artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood started topping the charts, country music was largely dominated by older, male singers. However, Taylor knew from the time she was about twelve years old that she wanted to be a country singer.

By challenging the norm and charging head-on into country music, Taylor changed the genre for the better. Thanks to her, up-and-coming artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Maddie & Tae have been able to get their feet in the door.

2. She incorporated pop elements into her early country music.

More so than her debut album, Taylor’s sophomore album Fearless incorporated elements of pop music into its tracks. Songs like “You Belong With Me” and “White Horse” did well on both country and pop charts. Several tracks from Fearless still get radio play on many pop stations today.

The trend continued into Taylor’s later albums. She began working with pop songwriters Max Martin and Shellback on her Red album.

3. She didn’t sway from the lyric style that first attracted many of her fans.

Even when she switched genres, Taylor never sacrificed the lyrical integrity of her songs. She built her career on poetic honesty, and she continues to bring the same level of emotion into her pop hits.

Singles such as “Wildest Dreams” and “Out Of The Woods” were lyrically sound enough to keep country fans from feeling alienated.

Taylor Swift is a music icon in two different genres. She achieved this superstar status by blending the lines between the two from the very beginning.

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