How This Singer Gets Millions Of Views On Every Music Video

Dodie Clark is a British singer and songwriter who has more than a million subscribers on YouTube. However, what’s really impressive about Dodie’s music channel is that her videos often get three or more times as many views as she has subscribers.

Here’s how Dodie creates music videos that get millions of views.

1. She releases original songs rather than covers.

Many of Dodie’s viewers subscribe to her channel because they love her lyrics. Instead of recording mainly covers, Dodie built her channel with original songs, which she posts about once a month or more.

Many of Dodie’s listeners replay her videos because her channel is the only place that they can listen to her music.

2. She creates simple animations.

Dodie isn’t just a musician. She’s also a talented videographer, which is evident the simple animations that she uses to keep her videos interesting. Instead of just watching a girl playing guitar, her viewers get to see the lyrics in action.

3. She doesn’t stay still in her videos.

Many of Dodie’s videos are montages of different clips. She may include a prop or a sign or switch position for a different line of the song. This creates a video that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the ears.

Dodie Clark’s videos get millions of views because she creates original music videos that her fans love to play over again and again.

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