How This Indie Duo Is Promoting Its Latest Single

Indie duo Heffron Drive dropped its new single “One Way Ticket” last week. Since then, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt, the founding members of the band, have been promoting the song nonstop on social media.

Here’s how Heffron Drive is promoting its latest single.

1. They’ve been interacting with Twitter followers who use the song’s hashtag.

Since they first announced the song’s release, Kendall and Dustin have been interacting with followers who tweet using the hashtag #OneWayTicket. This move encourages fans to get excited about the song and indirectly promotes it to their followers who see the hashtag on the fans’ timelines.

2. They released the music video a day before the song became available for download.

“One Way Ticket” became available for download everywhere on August 4th. However, to maximize the number of views on the music video, the band dropped it a day early exclusively through Billboard’s official website.

3. They made Instagram posts using the lyrics as captions.

Both Kendall and Dustin have posted several pictures to their Instagram accounts since “One Way Ticket” came out. They’ve used song lyrics as captions, which encourages fans to learn the words so that they can do the same.

4. They hosted a Facebook Live.

Kendall hosts a weekly Facebook Live, which he calls “Koffee With Kendall.” With Dustin as a special guest, Kendall used his latest live stream to tell his fans all about “One Way Ticket” and discuss what’s coming next for the band.

Heffron Drive is promoting its latest single through several social media campaigns. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Live are a few of the easiest ways to connect with music fans quickly.

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