Why Every Musician Should Learn To Play Piano

Musicians are some of the most talented individuals on the planet. Many are proficient in multiple instruments, and in many cases, they are brilliant lyricists as well. Whether you’re a vocalist, guitarist, or anything in between, an invaluable skill to add to your repertoire is the piano. Here are a few reasons why.

1. The notes are literally black and white.

The keys of a piano are black and white, making the visual aid of music making one of the best tools it offers. While memorizing finger patterns for a flute or the fret patterns on a guitar can be aggravating at worst, finding the right note or progression is easy on a piano. In fact, many composers write their music exclusively on the piano before translating it over to other instruments.

2. Pianos tend to stay in tune longer than other instruments do.

Any musician knows how quickly and easily string instruments go out of tune. While years of practice can enable a musician to tune an instrument without a tuner, it is always easier with one.

Luckily, pianos are great for keeping your instruments in tune. They go out of tune at a much slower rate than most instruments do, so by using a piano as a tuner, you know that your other instrument will truly be in tune.

3. It uses both treble and bass clef.

Treble and bass clef are the two most frequently used clefs in music. While bass clef is used mainly for the lower register instruments, treble is reserved for the higher ones. The piano uses both.

Most piano sheet music will have you playing in both clefs at the same time, one for each hand. By learning to read and play piano sheet music, you will become proficient in reading both of the main musical clefs.

While it is important for musicians to learn to play the piano, don’t dedicate your life to it if pursuing piano is not your passion. If you use it to help you write, stay in tune, and read the basics of the two main musical clefs, then you will be in a good place as a musician. After all, the more talent you have, the more you can utilize for making the best music you can.

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Anthony Mauro is a San Francisco State graduate who splits his time between the Bay Area and San Diego. He spends his free time thinking long hair is cool, playing video games for an online audience, and writing short stories, comic books, and novels.

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