How to Create an Easy Home Film Studio

More than likely, you film your videos at home. However, have you ever dreamed of having a film studio of your very own? Creating a home studio is easier than you might think. Follow these steps to create an easy, budget-friendly home film studio.

1. Find your natural lighting.

To save yourself a pretty penny on lighting, find a well-lit space in your house. This could be between the living room windows, a wall of the guest bedroom, or even the end of the kitchen table. Wherever it is that you can find natural lighting is the best place to set up your film studio.

Watch this video to learn how to maximize natural light in your home.

2. Customize your background.

What do you want your videos to look like? The color of the wall behind you may be enough. However, you can also get creative with posters, curtains, or artwork. If you’re artistic, then you could paint or draw an original background onto a large canvas or sheet. Make sure that whatever your background is, it fills the camera’s frame completely.

Popular comedian Lilly Singh films in front of a collage of posters.

3. Arrange your furniture.

Your film studio only requires a table to put your camera on and a place for you to sit. Choose a table that’s sturdy rather than a card table, and make sure that it’s tall enough to bring the camera (along with the camera stand) up to your face. Instead of a chair, use a stool to give yourself more freedom of movement.

Bunny Meyer tests products with the simple setup of a desk and a stool.

4. Gather your tech.

To truly turn this little corner of your house into a film studio, put your camera and its stand on the table. Adjust the stand to get the camera angle that you want. Store any microphones, laptops, or additional equipment nearby for easy setup.

Check out the equipment that this YouTuber uses to film and edit her videos.

5. Keep a couch nearby.

Though may sound a bit strange, you should put a couch or even a pile of pillows near your film studio, but keep it out of the shot. This will act as a sound absorber, thereby increasing the sound quality of your videos.

If you’d rather have a few sound absorption panels to hide behind your background, then watch this video to learn how to DIY your own for $5.

Creating a home film studio doesn’t have to be tedious or expensive. Follow these five steps to turn a corner of your house into an awesome studio.

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