Why Ed Sheeran’s New Album Appeals To An International Audience

Ed Sheeran’s latest album, ÷, dropped in March, and it’s been selling millions of copies all over the world since. In fact, the album’s lead single, “Shape Of You,” has spent most of 2017 at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

One of the many reasons that ÷ has such mass appeal is the international influence present on the album. Before creating ÷, Ed took some time to travel the world, and he turned his international experiences into a best-selling album.

Here’s why Ed Sheeran’s newest album appeals to an international audience.

1. He made one song bilingual.

Chart-topping songs like Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” have proven that mass markets have an appetite for non-English music. On “Barcelona,” Ed sings in both English and Spanish.

2. He made a song about a favorite city.

Celtic music is another widely appreciated international genre. Ed wrote an entire song about the Irish city of Galway. The Celtic influence on “Galway Girl” is strong.

3. He spun a track about his own heritage.

Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous British names in modern music. To many, he’s already an international artist. He took inspiration from his own roots when he wrote “Nancy Mulligan” about his grandparents.

By incorporating global music influences onto his album, Ed Sheeran created something with wide appeal. It’s no wonder that his latest album is the biggest album of the year.

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