How This British Pop Singer Is Promoting Her New Single

British pop sensation Rita Ora recently made a comeback on the music scene with “Your Song.” Her new single, co-written with Ed Sheeran, is already getting millions of plays on YouTube after only a few months.

Here’s how Rita Ora is promoting her new single.

1. She released both a lyric video and a music video.

Rita put out not one, but two videos for “Your Song.” She released them about a month apart, and each has millions of views. The lyric video allowed fans to learn the words, but the music video helped them really enjoy the new song.

2. She created a playlist of performances, covers, and interviews having to do with the song.

The homepage of Rita’s official YouTube channel features a playlist called “YOUR SONG.” Its description reads, “All things YOUR SONG by Rita Ora- performances, fan covers, choreography, and more!”. This playlist helps viewers find more media related to the single, thereby bringing more attention to every single video on the playlist.

3. She released video diaries and behind-the-scenes videos.

Rita has been chronicling the success of “Your Song” with a camera. She uploaded a video about the making of the music video and a video about working with Ed Sheeran in the studio. She’s also been making video diaries to share with her fans.

Rita Ora’s “Your Song” is gaining a lot of attention on YouTube, so that’s where the singer is focusing her promotional efforts. Incorporate these strategies into your own music marketing to bring in more views.

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