What You Need To Know About YouTube’s Crackdown On Spam Subscribers

If you’ve seen a significant drop in your subscriber count this week, don’t worry that you’re losing fans. YouTube is simply taking measures to ensure that everyone’s channel growth is reflected fairly and accurately.

YouTube announced that between December 13-14, it would be removing spam subscribers from every channel on the platform.

You’re not losing any of your real, engaged subscribers.

YouTube isn’t removing the subscribers who actually watch your videos and engage with your content. Rather, this crackdown is to prevent people from cheating the system by buying fake followers, creating dummy accounts, etc.

By removing these fake accounts, YouTube retains the authenticity of your subscriber count. Now, you can be sure that the number of subscribers you have accurately reflects the strong community you’ve built around your channel.

If any of your subscribers are removed, you’ll be notified in your YouTube Studio.

If you notice a change in your subscriber count, check your YouTube Studio or Classic Creator Studio. Within the next few days, a banner should appear to alert you about any spam subscribers that have been removed.

The most significant number of spam subscribers will be removed from channels that purchased them. Because these services often subscribe to multiple channels in order to make their accounts appear real, your channel may have a few you didn’t ask for.

The removal of these accounts will not hurt your channel’s watch time or engagement rates.

Unless you purposely paid for fake subscribers, your channel should be just fine. Because the only thing these fake accounts did was subscribe, your watch time and view counts should stay the same.

However, if the removal of fake accounts puts you below the required one thousand subscribers you need to monetize your videos, then you’ll have to regrow your channel organically before you can reapply.

To keep channel growth rates fair, YouTube is cracking down on spam subscribers. However, by focusing on engaging with your fanbase as much as you’re growing it, you can build a strong community of real and passionate supporters.

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