How To Trademark Your Channel Name And Logo

Trademarking protects your channel’s brand by giving you the exclusive rights to its name and related trademarks. This move will prevent other people from using the same name or one that’s too similar.

To protect your channel from bootleg merch, imposters, and other copyright infringements, you should definitely trademark your channel name. You can also trademark your logo, slogan, and any other phrases or exclusive designs you want to use on merch.

1. Determine exactly what you want to trademark.

Before you pursue a trademark, make sure you know exactly what names, phrases, and logos you want to register. Get the wording of your slogan perfect. Make any final edits to your channel logo.

If your logo was designed by someone else, then you should contact them about trademarking the design. If you don’t have an official channel logo yet, considering designing one so that you can trademark it along with your channel name.

2. Make sure your channel name is unique enough to trademark.

If your channel name is, for example, too close to something that’s already trademarked, then you may have trouble getting a trademark of your own. Before you try to trademark your channel name, Google it and see if any other channels or businesses pop up.

To learn more about the importance of trademarks, check out this video.

3. Contact a trademark attorney for assistance.

When you’re finally ready to trademark your channel name, it’s best to contact a trademark attorney near your for assistance. Based on what country you live in, the exact process of registering your trademark will differ.

Listen to a trademark lawyer discuss the ins and outs of trademarking your channel name in this video.

Trademarking your channel name, logo, and slogan is an important step in turning your channel into a business. Determine exactly what you want to trademark then contact a trademark attorney for assistance.

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