Where To Get Copyright-Free Music For Your Videos

Unless you’re a composer, you must rely on other people to create background music for your videos. Because of YouTube’s strict copyright policies, you can’t use most songs unless you pay for the rights to use them.

If you’re on a budget, then paying for music may not be your top priority. Instead, you can use copyright-free music, which artists publish online and allow anyone to use. All you have to do is download the track and credit the artist in the description of your video.

Here are a few great places to get copyright-free music.

1. Find tracks by mood on Audio Library.

The YouTube channel Audio Library brands itself as “music for content creators.” Here, you can find all kinds of free tracks to use.

To find a specific style of music, go to the channel’s playlists. There, you can browse music by genre, mood, or artist. Once you’ve found the one you want, copy the link and paste it into a YouTube video to mp3 converter, like this one.

2. Search by genre from Bensound.

On the Bensound website, you can search for royalty free music in a few specific genres, such as acoustic or cinematic. You can download most of the songs for free directly from the website.

However, if you plan to use the song for an advertisement, then you must pay for the Bensound Pro License. With this license, you can also download higher quality files and premium tracks.

3. Scour the internet for the perfect song with Creative Commons.

Use the Creative Commons search feature to search SoundCloud, YouTube, and other platforms for copyright-free music. You can even find free music for advertisements here.

Creative Commons allows you to find more than just music. Watch this video to learn exactly what “Creative Commons” means.

Copyright-free music allows vloggers and content creators with any budget to spice up their videos with background music. Use these sites to easily find copyright-free music for your videos.

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