What You Need To Know About The New YouTube Community Guidelines Strikes

YouTube’s Community Guidelines are important for protecting creators and viewers alike. When you made your channel, you agreed to follow those guidelines. However, if you’ve ever broken one, whether it was intentional or not, then you already know the consequences— a three-month freeze on your channel and a strike propelling it one step closer to termination.

That was before, though. Starting this week, YouTube is implementing some pretty major changes to the way it handles Community Guidelines strikes. All of these changes are based on feedback from creators like you.

The changes don’t affect copyright strikes.

Any of the changes made to Community Guidelines strikes only apply to breaking Community Guidelines. If you get a copyright strike, the process will still be the same.

You should still respect current copyright rules by only uploading original content. However, if think your use of copyrighted material in a video is justified, then you should evaluate it in light of the Fair Use Act.

Now you’ll get a warning before any strikes go out.

The most important change to the Community Guidelines strikes is the addition of a warning. Now, the first time you break a Community Guideline, you’ll receive a warning instead of your first strike.

The only penalty with this warning is the removal of the offending content. Your channel will not be frozen. However, after this initial warning, any further violations will result in a strike.

The warning serves as a buffer to give you time to review YouTube’s Community Guidelines more carefully. You can check out the freshly expanded policy resources in the help center.

If you already have a Community Guidelines strike, you’ll still receive a warning before getting another strike. However, if you’re following the rules more carefully now, then you shouldn’t worry too much. According to YouTube itself, 94% of creators who get a strike don’t receive a second one.

The same rules apply to everyone everywhere.

The rules regarding Community Guidelines and strikes will now be applied consistently across the platform. This includes live streams, stories, external links, and thumbnails as well as videos.

All strikes also now have the same penalty. If you receive an initial strike, then your channel will be frozen for a week. During this week, you won’t be able to upload new videos, live stream, post stories, or post in the community tab. After ninety days, your strike will expire.

However, if you receive a second strike within the same ninety days, then your channel will be frozen for two weeks. A third strike within ninety days will lead to the terminal of your channel.

If you believe you were wrongly given a strike or warning, then YouTube allows you to appeal the decision. If you’re right, then your strike or warning will be removed.

For a brief overview of the new Community Guidelines strikes, be sure to watch the illustration uploaded to the YouTube Creators channel.

The new YouTube Community Guidelines strikes seek to simplify the process. However, if you simply follow the Community Guidelines, then you’ll never have to worry about getting a strike.

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