4 Tips For Writing Clickable Video Titles

Your video title is often your first impression on a potential viewer. If it doesn’t grab their attention within a few seconds, then they’re likely to scroll right past it.

Therefore, you want to write video titles that are extremely clickable. Here’s how!

1. Keep it under seventy characters long.

YouTube allows you up to a hundred characters for every video title. However, if you go over seventy, your potential viewers won’t be able to see the full title.

This is especially true for potential viewers on mobile. When a user is scrolling through YouTube on their phone, they won’t be able to see much of a super long video title. Therefore, you should keep your video titles under seventy characters at least.

Put any other relevant information about the video at the top of the description.

2. Use action verbs.

Like any good headline, your video title should use action verbs instead of state of being verbs. Basically, you want your title to be about a subject doing something.

For example, look at the title of the video below. The creator may have considered longer titles, such as “Using SFX Makeup To Disguise The Dolan Twins” or “The Dolan Twins In Disguise.” However, “Disguising the Dolan Twins” is perfect because it starts with an action verb. It gives all the relevant information that makes a viewer want to click without being too wordy.

3. Go easy on the clickbait.

In the age of hardcore clickbait, many viewers are more vigilant when it comes to clicking on sensationalized video titles. If you take it too far with clickbait, then viewers may simply skip over your video altogether.

Instead, go easy with clickbait in your title. Save most of your effort for the thumbnail, where you can blur out part of the image, use a dramatic facial expression, etc.

4. Use a headline analyzer.

Because video titles work like headlines, you should make use of some of the same tools journalists and bloggers do. While brainstorming video titles, type them into an online headline analyzer like this one.

Use the tips the analyzer provides to rework your title. Then, plug it in again. Keep working until you’re satisfied with the results.

Before you start, you may consider reviewing the basics of writing effective headlines. Learn more in this video.

If you want to write a clickable title, keep it short. Use action verbs and make use of an online headline analyzer.

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