How To Earn More Through Channel Memberships

If you’re looking for more ways to monetize your channel, then YouTube has several options beyond ads. If you’re eligible, you can register your channel for the Patreon-like channel memberships. This feature enables your subscribers to unlock exclusive perks like emojis and badges for a small monthly payment.

First, your channel must meet certain requirements.

Like many creator-exclusive features on YouTube, channel memberships aren’t rolled out to every channel on the platform. Instead, there’s a list of criteria your channel must meet.

In order to be eligible, you must have at least 30,000 subscribers. You must also have your channel in the YouTube Partner Program, which makes it eligible for monetization. If your channel has any active strikes, you’re automatically ineligible.

You also have to be at least eighteen years old and agree to apply with the platform’s policies and terms. Unfortunately, channel memberships aren’t available in all countries yet, so check this list for your country.

The key to getting your subscribers to become members is making your perks truly valuable.

Once you have channel memberships set up, make sure the perks you choose offer real value to your fans. For example, only the few most dedicated might pay for exclusive badges, but a larger percentage of your audience would be willing to pay for access to exclusive live streams.

Because your channel members may be interested in buying merch as well, you may consider giving them access to exclusive designs or discount codes. However, you should encourage them not to share members-only discount codes with anyone else.

There are certain stipulations on the kind of perks you can offer, though. Under YouTube’s terms and policies, perks that aren’t allowed include contests and giveaways, content downloads, one-on-one in-person meetings, and anything marketed towards children.

Use your members’ feedback for future videos.

You should also make your channel members a vital part of your video-making process. For example, you may let them see early video edits or drafts of your thumbnail.

You can also make members-only community posts. Create polls so they can help you decide on your next video idea, or ask for comments to include in your next video.

AmazingPhil used dates suggested by his channel members to create his video “My Google Search History 2!”.

As your number of channel memberships continues to grow, focus on fostering a closer relationship with these fans. Shout them out in live streams and videos, doing whatever you can to make sure they know how grateful you are for their support.

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