What You Can Learn From Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link are a YouTube comedy duo who run a few channels together. Their main channel Rhett & Link boasts over 650 million total views with 4.2 million subscribers, and their talkshow, Good Mythical Morning, sits at over 2.6 billion total views and 11 million subscribers.

Since 2006, the duo has and an increasing audience and fan base across all of their channels. They even had a short-lived TV series back in 2011. Throughout their careers, the two have done a lot of things that any YouTuber can learn from.

1. They have a variety of content.

Many of the most successful YouTubers all have this in common. The duo didn’t limit themselves to making a certain type of video, but instead they tried out a variety of things from music videos to comedy skits to documentaries.

What keeps their content feeling like their own is their devotion to comedy. Even with the different types of videos, they kept the comedy running throughout all of them.

2. They run multiple channels.

For creators who are just starting out, it is generally a smart idea to stick to one channel and build that up. If you have a channel that has found its own success, then it may be time to consider starting a new one.

Rhett and Link have multiple related channels to sort their different videos into. One channel is specifically for their talkshow, while one is for their comedy sketches. Another still is for behind-the-scenes work. If you are making various content, then this may not be a bad idea to try.

3. They can tell a joke, or they can be serious.

It has been said that comedy and drama are inexplicably tied together. It definitely seems that Rhett and Link follow that idea in making their videos. While not all of their comedy has serious bits to it, and while not all of their more serious videos have comedy in them, they still see the importance of both.

By keeping things lighthearted, it is generally easier to talk about serious things. The same is true of the reverse. It is okay for your content to have different parts to it, as long as they ultimately fit together.

Rhett and Link have been making content for YouTube for over a decade with no signs of slowing down. Their rise in Internet popularity is thanks in no small part to their personality, content, and natural humor. While some of those things can’t be taught, YouTubers should take away the idea of having various content spread across multiple channels and the idea that it’s okay to be both funny and serious.

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Anthony Mauro is a San Francisco State graduate who splits his time between the Bay Area and San Diego. He spends his free time thinking long hair is cool, playing video games for an online audience, and writing short stories, comic books, and novels.

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