What Makes L.D. A Rising Star

L.D. is a singer, rapper, and audio engineer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been pursuing a music career since his first vocal lesson at the age of five. Now, L.D. is well on his way to becoming a household name.

Here’s what makes L.D. a star.

1. He moved to where the music is.

L.D. grew up in Tampa, Florida. However, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in order to pursue his music career. Atlanta has a thriving hip-hop scene, making it the perfect place for L.D. to launch his career.

Check out one of L.D.’s latest music videos here.

2. He takes inspiration from the people around him.

When it comes to writing songs, L.D. is inspired by his friends and family. He is also inspired by other hard working Atlanta artists. His main musical influences are Tupac, Jay Z, Biggie, and Lil Wayne.

Take a look at L.D.’s own inspiring story below.

3. He has licensed singles on MTV.

L.D. has several licensed singles on MTV. He also has his own Vevo channel on YouTube.

Watch one of L.D.’s Vevo music videos.

4. He’s opened for major artists.

L.D. has opened for major artists such as 2 Chainz and Soulja Boy. He also has residencies at Orlando’s Independence Fest and Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash Block Party.

Check out one of his most popular videos below.

L.D. is a rising star on the hip-hop scene. His unique style and dedication will take him from Atlanta all the way to the Billboard Hot 100.

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