How These Sisters Became A Popular YouTube Band

The family group Cimorelli has gained popularity by posting videos to YouTube. Cimorelli is made up of six sisters who sing mostly a cappella or with a few instruments. The Cimorelli family moved to California to help their girls in their singing career. The ages of the girls range from 16-26.

They have made a name for themselves in the country scene with their incredible voices. They attribute their success with the Teen Choice Awards and in country music to their YouTube channel.

1. Covers of popular songs are a great starting point to YouTube stardom.

The Cimorelli family started posting videos eight years ago, beginning with their performance of the national anthem. It has received over one million views. They have over three million subscribers, and some of the comments that they have received have shown how much their viewers love them.

Their most recent video shows their family ties as well as how much fun they have doing covers. It received over 200,000 views within four days.

Here is their cover of “Scars To Your Beautiful.”

2. Let your viewers get to know your personality.

One of the great things about YouTube is that artists can post videos in a blog form. The Cimorelli family post videos about their adventures, and their viewers can’t get enough.

YouTube is becoming a sort of social media platform where creators of channels can invite their viewers into their world and make them a part of the journey to popularity.

This video is a blog entry of the Cimorelli family.

3. Posting well-rounded videos is important, too.

The Cimorelli sisters are concerned about how their viewers are seeing themselves, as well. They started posting videos about how to find friends and how to spot true friends. The girls have also posted videos tutorials for makeup and costumes.

Here is their personal video about building friendships.

4. Spread the focus to other social media and invite viewers to join you.

Many YouTube channels focus only on one social media, like YouTube, and don’t focus on anything else. Many individuals who are looking for popular artists or budding artists want to see how well-rounded they are.

The Cimorelli sisters are a good example of well-rounded artists. They are on Twitter, have a website, and sell merchandise online. They are consistent with their connection on other media, which allows for a larger following.

Here is a video where the Cimorelli girls answer questions posed by fans on Twitter.

YouTube has an incredible reach for many artists. To become a well-rounded artist, it takes more than just posting videos to a channel. Like the Cimorelli sisters, you should post videos that connect beyond the music. Viewers want to know the action behind-the-scenes and see the reality of the singers they love, not just the music.

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