How This Video Got 400,000 Views In A Day

When popular vlogger Joey Graceffa uploaded the video “CUTTING OPEN SUPER SATISFYING STRESS TOYS!”, it got more than 400,000 views within a day.

Here’s how this video got so many views so quickly.

1. It’s part of a popular series.

This wasn’t the first video of its kind for Joey. This video is one of the many “cutting open stress balls” videos that he has uploaded over the past few months. These videos always get a lot of views because the series has become a fan favorite.

Joey has even added a collaboration to this popular video series.

2. It capitalizes on a video trend.

Joey modeled this video after the viral “satisfying video” trend. Viewers everywhere have become obsessed with watching videos like this, so Joey made one of his own.

Here’s one of the videos that inspired Joey’s.

3. It’s a response to what subscribers requested.

Joey made this video in response to his subscribers’ requests that he make another “cutting open stress balls” video. By making more of the content his subscribers enjoy, Joey ensured that more of them would watch his video the first day it was uploaded.

Watch one of his most popular stress toys videos below.

Joey Graceffa’s video got more than 400,000 views in a single day because it gave his subscribers more of the content they wanted. By giving your subscribers what they want, you’ll get more views on new videos.

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