What Makes Gary Curtis A True Star

Gary Curtis is a British music star who uses his celebrity for good. His vocal talents have taken him from Essex to London, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Here’s what makes Gary Curtis a star.

1. He’s an award-winning performer.

Gary is one of the few singers to top the Hot Disc Top 40. He’s had six number one hits. He also won a prestigious award at the annual British Country Music Awards for his first charity single.

“Alone On Christmas” is one of his Christmas charity singles.

2. He’s worked with a lot of celebrities.

Gary is very well-connected in the British entertainment industry. Because he started in the music industry at a young age, he’s been able to work with many big-name industry professionals, such as Sir Christopher Lee, Billy Swan, Pete Wingfield, and the Eagles’ Randy Meisner.

Anne Nolan is a frequent collaborator. She recorded a duet with Gary and starred in the music video for his latest charity single.

3. He uses his passion for music to support cancer research.

After losing his father to cancer, Gary decided to make something positive of it by supporting cancer research through his music. He has recorded multiple charity singles and donated 100% of the profits to Cancer Research UK.

Gary’s latest Christmas charity single music video featured several other celebrities as well as cancer survivors.

Gary Curtis raises a lot of money for Cancer Research UK by releasing charity singles. He’s a true star because he uses his talents for good.

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