How To Get More Backlinks For Your YouTube Videos

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, one of the factors determining your video’s ranking is its number of backlinks. Basically, the more times the hyperlink is shared across the internet, the higher your video will appear in the search results.

Here’s how to get more backlinks for your videos.

1. Reward followers who share your videos on social media.

Social media is your best tool for sharing video links. Encourage your followers to post links to your videos by incentivizing them with follow backs, likes, and retweets. You can even make sharing your latest video a rule of entry for a giveaway.

When vlogger Tana Mongeau shares a new video on Twitter, she follows back fans who retweet her post.

2. Write blog posts that link to your YouTube videos.

Blog posts have a lot more space for SEO keywords than video descriptions do. Try starting a blog to help grow your online audience. Write a post to accompany each new video, and be sure to embed the video itself.

Check out this video for more tips on starting a blog to accompany your channel.

3. Link similar videos in your other video descriptions.

Many content creators include a list of links in their video descriptions, such as their social media pages and previous videos. When filming a video, think of similar videos that you’ve uploaded and mention them. Leave the links to these videos in the description when you post the new video.

Ricky Dillon made this video to follow up on a previous one, which he linked in the description.

Backlinks will help improve your videos’ SEO. Follow these tips to get more links to your videos shared on the internet.

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