What Makes Booboosha A Star

Becoming a music star isn’t easy. However, for the most dedicated few, a slot on the Billboard charts seems almost certain.

Here are three things that make Booboosha a star.

1. She already has more than fifteen songs recorded and ready to go.

Booboosha has already recorded enough songs to make an album. Her music is mostly dance hall with a little soul, pop, and Afro-pop mixed in.

Check out her original video for “Easy” here!

2. She is an accomplished dancer.

Booboosha has many hobbies, including writing, swimming, and running. However, one of her biggest passions is dance. Booboosha is even a student member of the prestigious Tenstrings music school in Lagos, Nigeria.

She uses her dance skills to make her live performances even more awesome.

3. Her talents have taken her internationally.

Booboosha’s ambition has taken her as far as New Zealand. She’s gained prestige across the globe.

Booboosha worked with Stanx on this music video.

Any musician knows that becoming a star takes a lot of hard work. However, Booboosha isn’t backing down. Her talents will take her all the way to the top.

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