How Enrique Iglesias’s Latest Music Video Broke 10 Million Views In Less Than 24 Hours

On February 24th, Enrique Iglesias released the video to his newest single “Subeme La Radio (Turn Up the Radio).” In less than one day following the release, the video had already accumulated over 10 million views, and the number keeps rising by the hour.

Here’s how he did it.

1. He used social media to promote the release.

In the weeks leading up to the video’s release, Enrique took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share samples of the upcoming video. These teasers helped excite his fans and draw their attention to his YouTube channel, where they eagerly awaited the release.

Teasers are extremely important as they give fans a reason to keep a lookout for your music, without giving them too much information before the actual release.

Checkout one of Enrique’s popular teasers below.

2. The video does not go overboard in content.

The video for “Subeme La Radio” is simple and fun, much like the song. As the cameras pan across Cuba, the audience sees Enrique interacting with fans while they sing and dance in the colorful streets of Havana. This angle not only makes the Enrique appear more personable, but it also makes the video more enjoyable to watch.

While dramatic videos might work for some artists, don’t forget to ask yourself what works best for this particular song.

For “Subeme La Radio,” less is definitely more. Watch the video here.

3. He timed it for the summer.

Sure, February might seem a bit early to start thinking about the summer, but with the warmer weather fast approaching, and spring just around the corner, the timing of the release was perfect. Enrique hooked fans by releasing the Latin-reggae mix at the tail end of a mild winter, anticipating the itch many views have for the hotter months.

By releasing the video now, Enrique is giving the song time to build exposure and ensuring that it will be a summer hit long before the summer even comes. For a music video, timing is everything.

Checkout Enqriue’s “Bailando,” released in early April 2014.

Enrique’s new video has already made a huge impact on his fans, and it hasn’t even been a week. Due to his timing, content, and expertise with social media, his new video will only become more popular as fans everywhere “Turn Up The Radio.” Follow these tips to master the release of your next music video.

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