3 Tactics For Gaining New Subscribers

Every YouTuber dreams of earning a Play Button. However, that kind of award requires you to first acquire quite a few subscribers. Here are three tactics to get you started.

1. Run a subscribers-only giveaway.

With more than 11 million subscribers, Rclbeauty101 certainly knows how to create videos that people love. However, she also wants to use her social media influence to help her subscribers. That’s why she created the “Collabaway,” a contest in which aspiring vloggers can enter to win a collaboration with Rachel herself! The only requirement is that those who enter the contest must be subscribed to Rachel’s channel.

Running a giveaway is a great way to get new viewers to subscribe to your channel. If your prize is cool, then they’ll be smashing that subscribe button!

2. Include a call-to-action in your videos.

Twin YouTubers Niki and Gabi Demartino create a lot of different kinds of content, which brings them a wide variety of viewers. In each new video, they remind these new viewers to pause the video and subscribe to their channel.

To make sure new viewers subscribe, start every video with a call-to-action. Remind your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe!

3. Translate your videos into other languages.

In the description box of every video, Collins Key asks his bilingual viewers to help him translate the video into other languages so that they can reach new viewers. He gives each translator credit in the video’s description box.

YouTube makes it easy for viewers to translate captions for videos. Encourage your current subscribers to help you translate your videos so that you can reach viewers all across the globe.

In order to get more subscribers, you should translate your videos and remind new viewers to subscribe. Run a subscribers-only giveaway with a new phone or a laptop or even a bag of beauty supplies. These tactics will get your subscriber count rising in no time.

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