What Every YouTuber Needs To Know About Jump Cuts

You’ve seen it in just about every vlog. The creator is in one place, and then, one second later, he or she has magically “jumped” to somewhere else on the screen. Many content creators rely on jump cuts when editing their videos, but they don’t always realize that there are better ways to utilize them.

Here’s what every YouTuber needs to know about jump cuts.

1. Jump cuts aren’t the only way to edit out an awkward pause.

Many content creators simply use a jump cut to remove an awkward pause or an unnecessary tangent in their footage. However, this kind of editing creates a weird and unnatural “jump” that most often creates a skip in the audio and irritates the viewers.

Instead of using a jump cut as your go-to, consider adding b-roll footage or a still image that relates to your video. You can collect video clips from outside sources or create your own so that you have a library of jump cut alternatives available whenever you’re in a pinch.

Shane Dawson often uses b-roll clips instead of jump cuts.

2. Make sure that your video clips “snap.”

There’s nothing scarier for a viewer than a sudden flash of black across the computer screen. To keep flash frames out of your videos, make sure that you’re using the “snap” feature in your editing software to attach your clips.

If your editing software doesn’t have a snap feature, then push your video clips as closely together as you can in the editing timeline.

Here are a few more video editing tips you need to know.

3. Make any jump cuts intentional.

Purposeless jump cuts are annoying, but intentional ones can be super cool. Vloggers such as Lilly Singh use intentional jumpcut to “hop” from one side of the screen to another, keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

Mark your intentional jump cuts in your video script. Keep the camera rolling while you move, but cut out the transition from one place to the next when you edit.

Get a better idea of intentional jump cuts by watching Lilly’s video below.

Jump cuts, when used properly, can make your video more engaging. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re editing so that you can wow your viewers and up your game.

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