How This Song Generated More Than 320 Million Views

Migos is a rap group from Atlanta, Georgia. They continue to achieve success daily and don’t plan on stopping.

Here’s how they generated all of their millions of views.

1. They’re consistent with everything they do.

Migos know how to sell themselves. Whether it’s an interview, the way they dress, or their music, Migos do a great job of making sure everything is of one accord. In a video on YouTube, they demonstrated all of these points and showed that they’re all about business.

Here’s the video.

2. They have a lot of hot songs.

On their latest album Culture produced multiple radio hits. There was one song that got a lot of attention. It was called “T-shirt,” and it currently has over 120 million views on YouTube.

Check out the video.

3. They made a song for the ages.

After the release of their current album, Migos released a banger called “Bad and Boujee” featuring Lil Uzi Vert. This song is producing a tremendous amount of views on YouTube, where it’s resulted in over 320 million views.

Here’s the video for “Bad and Boujee.”

For any artist or group, you should take notes from Migos by presenting yourself well wherever you go. If you apply this daily, more people will take notice and take you more seriously as an artist.

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