How This Grandma Became A Viral Star

Tatiana Subbotina is an amateur video editor turned viral sensation. The 62-year-old Russian’s videos have picked up a lot of attention recently, including a feature on BuzzFeed.

Here’s how Tatiana Subbotina became a viral star.

1. She taught herself how to use a green screen.

Tatiana is a self-taught video editor. Just a few years ago, she decided to teach herself how to use chroma key composite with a green screen. Her software of choice is Premiere Pro.

Tatiana’s awesome green screen skills are what made her videos go viral.

2. She teaches others how to do what she does.

Most of Tatiana’s videos are actually tutorials on how to achieve the effects that she features in her videos. Fellow aspiring video editors have a lot to learn from Tatiana.

Even non-Russian fans love to watch her videos.

3. She does everything herself.

According to BuzzFeed, Tatiana made all of her green screen equipment herself. Her videos have so much to offer each and every viewer.

Tatiana is proof that anyone who’s willing to put in the work can start a successful YouTube channel. As long as you have something worth offering, someone will find your videos worth watching.

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