What Every YouTuber Can Learn From This Kids Channel

Ryan Toys Review is a channel devoted entirely to playing with toys. From opening kinder eggs to making slime, it’s clear that this channel’s demographic is children in the under ten age range. Ryan gets a ridiculous amount of views, and there’s definitely something to take away from that.

Here’s why Ryan Toys Review is a model YouTubers can benefit from following.

1. Toy channels are revenue machines.

Any channel marketed to kids that catches their attention becomes wildly profitable. Why? Because kids do two things that most audiences don’t: they watch videos on repeat for hours, and they don’t block the ads.

A kid with an iPad will sit like a rock and just absorb videos about toys, and they’ll shrug off the ads, too, which are likely also for toys.

2. The model is as simple as it gets.

The effort begins and ends with purchasing the toys. There’s a little amateur editing involved, but this audience doesn’t care about that, so why should the creator?

It’s all about the toys. If a YouTuber can make multiple trips to the toy store a week, they can make these videos.

3. It’s all about having a genuinely good time.

The flavor that this channel adds which some miss out on is all about Ryan. This kid is actually having the time of his life. He’s hooked on the dopamine rush that a kid gets when they unwrap an egg. He’s the childhood friend who has all the toys you want and lets you come over to watch him play with them.

Ryan Toys Reviews has created a simulation of being a kid on Christmas morning, and anyone can do that. Just play with toys and be happy.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s playing with the same old yo-yo he’s had for years.

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