How PSY’s New Music Video Earned 12 Million+ Views

YouTube has become a place for relatively unknown artists and creators to reach an audience for their work and creativity. Many artists succeed through creating viral music videos, such as Korean pop sensation PSY did with his smash hit “Gangnam Style.” He continues to create music videos that set the world on fire.

These are the reasons why PSY’s music video for “New Face” has earned over 12 million views in a short amount of time since its release.

1. PSY’s style of music is entertaining and funny.

PSY’s musical style is different than most traditional artists because it usually incorporates catchy beats and humorous elements. He meshes together a great track and funny lyrics, which gets a lot of people listening.

His songs are different from many other artists, and he usually collabs with other artists who do vocals in his songs. PSY is a talented musician who understands viewers’ tastes and created his own brand of music accordingly.

Below is an example of his musical style.

2. His music videos are hilarious and usually trend when released.

PSY joined the music scene recently, and one of his first songs trended across the globe. “Gangnam Style” was popular across social media and reached a significant viewer count on YouTube, as well as it being featured on international television.

His music videos have colorful imagery and show comedic acts, which makes it appealing to viewers. Below is an example of this with his music video for Gangnam Style.

3. PSY’s music marketing is impressive.

PSY has managed to successfully market himself and his brand of music all around the globe. Most people across the world recognize him and his song “Gangnam Style.”

He has managed to also market Korean pop music in places where it had not been as popular before. Below is an example of his music image with his new song “New Face.”

Above are the reasons why PSY’s new music video “New Face” has earned over 12 million views on YouTube since it was released just a couple of days ago. His musical style and videos are creative and funny, which makes them easier to listen to for new international fans. His music and image marketing has also defined his success as an artist.

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