How This Film Reviewer Gets Views By Going Negative

YourMovieSucksDOTorg is a YouTube channel devoted to tearing movies to shreds. The notion of giving negative publicity is ironic and typically avoided by most reviewers, but Adam Johnston ignores this and thrives.

Here’s why going negative works for YMS.

1. Johnston knows the craft.

YMS doesn’t just crack jokes at less than impressive trailers, but rather, he picks apart why movies are bad and where the production fails. Each feature video shows every flaw in the movie and explains in great detail why the movie was a flop. It’s almost educational.

2. YMS has sagas.

For particularly horrific pieces, Johnston will need to go into such great detail that he will create two or three videos. These episodic reviews are around thirty minutes in length and go to extreme lengths to point out why a movie is bad.

The episodes are split up logically, often to explore different parts of the plot but sometimes to talk about behind-the-scenes failures.

3. He keeps a balance (just barely).

Every year or so, Johnston comes out with a lengthy video covering his favorite movies from a certain time period. Because he legitimately watches every noteworthy movie before creating the lists, he is a couple of years behind.

These videos show that he’s not just full of hate, and has a true passion for cinema. His taste is just a little too refined to enjoy some of the major blockbuster flops.

YourMovieSucksDOTorg is inherently negative, but because every argument is backed up, it’s still tolerable and often insightful. Putting in the effort and backing up claims definitely has its place on YouTube.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s watching classic films at hipster theaters.

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