What Every Vlogger Can Learn From Gabi Demartino

Gabi Demartino first gained popularity as half of the adorable YouTube duo Niki and Gabi. Though she continues to create videos with her twin sister, Gabi also runs her own successful vlog channel.

Now that Fancy Vlogs by Gab is more than 800,000 subscribers strong, every vlogger has a lot to learn from Gabi.

1. Create the kind of videos that you want to watch.

A self-proclaimed girly girl, Gabi loves to make makeup tutorials , clothing hauls, and closet tours. By catering to her own interests, she attracts viewers who like the same things that she does.

When you create the kind of videos that you want to watch, you’ll attract viewers who are interested in more of your content.

2. Vlog often.

Gabi posts new vlogs several times a week. She keeps her loyal subscribers updated on her latest tour stop or her most recent shopping trip. Gabi keeps her viewers interested by keeping them up-to-date with her life.

People subscribe to your vlog because they’re interested in your life. By updating often, you’ll keep them watching.

3. Participate in tags and challenges.

Gabi occasionally mixes in tag and challenge videos with her vlogs. When a fellow vlogger tags her, she’s quick to make a new video in response.

Viewers love to watch their favorite personalities do their own versions of popular videos.

Gabi Demartino is a successful vlogger because she works hard to stay involved with her subscribers. By following these tips, you, too, can aspire to Gabi’s level of popularity.

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