How Beauty Vloggers Can Get More Views

In the world of YouTube beauty vlogging, there is so much that it feels like it has all been done. There are always new ways to do the same thing, and bringing your personal touch is what can get you some new soon-to-be loyal followers.

1. Participate in challenges.

You’ve probably heard about the “100 Layers” challenge. Why? Because every YouTube personality looking to gain views and subscribers was smart to participate in some way. It seemed to start with nail polish then spread like wildfire with everything from lashes to wigs.

Makeup challenges are not new to beauty world, with oldies such as “My Boyfriend (Girlfriend, Mother, 2-year-old, etc.) Does My Makeup.” Create your own challenge, even if it seems ridiculous at the time. Revisit an old challenge with a new twist. Combine a couple different challenges to create a super challenge. Who knows? You might just start the next beauty challenge movement.

2. Pay attention to the trends.

Heard of the Kylie Jenner lip kits? Of course you have, and if you are an avid viewer and vlogger, you have probably watched several different YouTube beauties swatch it on their smackers.

People love product reviews because they want to know if they are going to be spending their money wisely, besides the fact that they will be entertained by the reaction of others. If you want traffic, then you need to keep up with what is hot now and what will be hot tomorrow.

When you start out as a beauty blogger, you are at a bit of a disadvantage because more established vloggers may have access to companies, promotions, or sponsorships that save them from shelling out the big bucks when reviewing items that are trending. Weigh your options carefully and only go all out for the products that already have the most buzz.

3. Play in the dirt.

What’s better than a little healthy drama? The YouTube vlogging community is no stranger to the drama that comes with being and knowing social media sensations. When you first start out, you are looking to make connections and hopefully bump elbows with the YouTube elite.

In the meantime, pay attention to what the hot gossip is and make a video about your stance on it. If the dirty clothes are out in the open, then it is fair game for you to give an opinion. Just make sure you keep it relevant to your fan base.

If you review products made by a vlogger and that vlogger has some dirty laundry, give an opinion. If you review products by a company and that company is getting in some social trouble, give an opinion. This is not to say go around bashing people because that’s just not nice. Fair warning! If you give an opinion on popular vloggers, be prepared for some backlash from their loyal subscribers.

Give an informed opinion, maybe some advice or how you would handle it, getting people engaged in your thoughts and some of your other content.

It’s not easy breaking into the world of beauty vlogging, but with these tips you can create a healthy increase in channel traffic. Get them to you and keep them there with your new and exciting content. Now, go forth and be beautiful!

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