How Niall Horan is Promoting His New Music

The mega-famous British and Irish boyband One Direction lauched Niall Horan to international fame. Now that his band is taking a break, Niall is pursuing a solo music career. With the release of “This Town,” Niall started down his own path to success.

Here are a few ways that Niall is promoting his new music.

1. He dropped his first single as a complete surprise.

One Direction was on hiatus for a complete year before Niall dropped a single of his very own. Signed to Capitol Records, he dropped “This Town” without warning on September 29.

If you have a substantial following already, then a surprise release is a great promotional tool because it gets people talking. Even those who may not have otherwise listened to your music will be interested in something unexpected.

2. He made “This Town” immediately available for streaming.

Rather than making fans wait to download his first single, Niall released “This Town” on Spotify and Apple Music. Making the song immediately available to stream ensured that everyone will be able to listen to his new music without committing to downloading an entire album.

Making your music available to stream makes it more accessible to listeners who prefer to hear a song before they pay for it.

3. His influential friends are sharing his music.

Heffron Drive’s Kendall Schmidt and Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello are just a few of the many celebrities who are tweeting about “This Town.” Because Niall built a strong network of influencers, he was able to get free promotion simply because his friends love his new music.

To build your own network of influencers, start by being a friend. Niall isn’t known for being a troublemaker or a bully. Rather, by being kind and considerate, he’s made plenty of friends who are willing to help promote his new song.

Niall Horan’s new single “This Town” was the top trend on Twitter for hours after its initial release. By dropping a surprise release, making your music avaliable to stream, and building a strong network, you can promote your new music as well as Niall has.

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