What Every Content Creator Can Learn From The Most Viewed Global Media Property

Tubular Insights reported that, with more than forty-two billion combined views across its five hundred YouTube and Facebook channels, Warner Media is the most viewed global media property of 2018.

The views were measured from January to September. Warner Media beat out The Walt Disney Company, BuzzFeed, and Comcast for the top spot.

Uploading more videos leads to more views.

Warner Media published around 600,000 total videos in 2018, which is almost twice the number Disney uploaded. With that much content being put online, it’s no surprise that Warner Media attracted almost twice as many viewers as well.

Warner Media uploaded more than 1,600 videos a day on average. While uploading 1,600 new videos a day is practically impossible for an individual content creator, you can get more views by increasing the number of videos you upload a week.

More channels also meant more views.

However, Warner Media didn’t get all of those views on a single channel. Rather, the 600,000 videos were spread across 500 social channels, including YouTube channels for HBO, CNN, and TMZ.

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Nostalgia drove a lot of attention to Warner Media’s videos.

Warner Bros and WB Kids are two of Warner Media’s most popular channels. This is no surprise, considering most of Warner’s film and television clips are posted there.

Many of the videos on both channels fill viewers with nostalgia, even trailers for upcoming movies. For example, many people who grew up playing Pokemon were excited to watch the Detective Pikachu trailer.

Warner Media became the most viewed global media property of 2018 by uploading more videos to more channels than many other media companies did. Mixed with a bit of nostalgia, Warner Media’s videos attracted more than forty-two billion viewers this year.

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