5 Ways To Get More Views During The Holiday Season

For many content creators, the holiday season leads to a boost in views. With more people turning to YouTube for gift ideas or feel-good entertainment, the potential to grow your channel is immense.

Here are five ways to get more views during the holiday season.

1. Participate in Vlogmas.

Vlogmas has been a YouTube tradition for quite a long time. Every December, creators from all across the globe commit to uploading a new video every day until Christmas.

Though it requires a lot of planning, the end results are worth it. Get started with the video ideas in this post.

Zoe Sugg is one of the most popular Vlogmas participants. She films her festive adventures and shares them every day on her vlog channel.

2. Unbox and review several popular gift ideas.

In December, you probably see a lot more unboxing and review-type videos popping up in your feed. Because viewers are looking for gift ideas, vloggers are smart to upload reviews to help these viewers out.

Find a popular holiday gift idea related to your content niche. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you might unbox the Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection like LadyCode did.

3. Host a holiday giveaway.

A holiday giveaway is one of the best ways to grow your channel. By requiring people to subscribe in order to enter, you can easily gain a lot of new subscribers.

In order to make your giveaway successful, make sure you have everything planned out before announcing it. Learn everything you need to know about holding a holiday giveaway on your channel here.

Your giveaway will be even more successful if the prizes relate to an interest you share with your fan base. For example, Chelsea DIY uploads a lot of squishy craft tutorials, so it was only fitting that her giveaway prize was a large collection of squishies.

4. Create more videos that appeal to the younger demographic.

During the holidays, many school-aged children and college/university students get time off for winter break. Therefore, many of them turn to YouTube to entertain themselves during their free time.

By making videos that appeal to the younger demographic, you can draw these viewers to your channel. For example, Joey Graceffa mixed a video series that was especially popular with his younger viewers in with his typical content.

5. Upload more holiday-themed content in general.

Overall, in December, viewers are looking for more holiday-related content in general. So, by uploading more holiday-themed videos, you’re practically guaranteed a boost in views.

For example, on DanAndPhilGAMES, Dan and Phil played a Christmas-themed card game.

During the holiday season, more viewers are looking for gift ideas and entertaining videos. Grow your channel by uploading the kinds of videos people are looking for.

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