Top Tips For Filming A Daily Vlog

Daily vlogging is an incredibly popular and lucrative content niche. All kinds of vloggers share their day-to-day lives with thousands, if not millions, of viewers.

Getting your daily vlogs to stand out from all the others comes down to two factors: production quality and entertainment value. Viewers are more likely to enjoy a video with smooth camera work or an interesting premise than one with shaky shots or a commonplace idea.

To improve your daily vlogs, follow these tips.

1. Bring someone else along to hold the camera.

Oftentimes, daily vloggers use the front-facing cameras on their phones or a camera with a viewfinder that flips around. However, if you’re trying to walk and film at the same time, you may end up either shaking the camera too much or having to look away too often.

Instead, bring a friend or a videographer along to hold the camera for you. If you’re nervous to film in public, then bringing a friend along with also make it easier because you won’t feel as if you’re talking to yourself.

In her videos that incorporate vlogging in public, Gabbie Hanna often brings a friend along to hold the camera for her. In this video, you can hear her talking to her friend Joe as he films her shopping.

2. Plan the video’s structure before you start filming.

Before you start filming your vlog, plan out the what, when, and where. Make a list of where you’re going, who’s going with you, and when you’re filming to make editing easier. Envision the end product to help put the beginning stages into place.

Even if you film every day, you may consider putting clips from a week or a month into a single vlog. That way, you can make your vlogs more structured and more interesting by cutting out the less entertaining parts.

Louise Pentland vlogs several days a week and uploads “The Weekly” on Sunday.

3. Make sure you’re allowed to film in the places you plan to visit.

If you watch a lot of daily vlogs, then you may already know that some stores have policies against letting shoppers film. For example, places like Walmart and Target have kicked vloggers out for making videos inside their stores.

Rather than risk it, call ahead and make sure you’re allowed to film. If you don’t get permission beforehand, then your entire video could be ruined.

Alternatively, you could take the no filming policy as a challenge, like Liza Koshy did.

4. Use clickbait responsibly.

Clickbait is a common practice for daily vloggers. However, if you’re not careful with your clickbait, then your viewers may get turned off to your content altogether. Check out this handy guide for using clickbait responsibly.

If you want to use some crazy clickbait tactics, consider making a parody like Rclbeauty101 did.

Use these tips to improve the production quality and entertainment of your daily vlogs. Then, share your own tips in the comments!

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