What All YouTubers Need To Know About The New EU Copyright Directive

On September 12, the European Parliament passed a new copyright law called the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, or the EU Copyright Directive. The internet instantly went up in arms, mourning the loss of the web’s free flow of information. Many vloggers worried how the new law would impact YouTube.

For content creators, the new law is both daunting and confusing. You may be left with questions about what it is and how it affects your channel.

Here’s how the new EU Copyright Directive impacts YouTubers.

1. Content ID will become more aggressive.

Basically, this new law seeks to protect European copyright holders by holding the platforms that host user-created content liable for any copyright infringements their users make. That means if you posted a video with a European copyright, YouTube would be responsible for paying the damages. As a result, YouTube videos and other content will be run through filters even more aggressive than the current Content ID system the platform uses.

Watch this video for a more thorough breakdown of the EU Copyright Directive.

2. Let’s Plays, movie commentaries, and similar videos may be impacted.

The copyrighted material most YouTubers have to be worried about are the pictures and video clips used to create Let’s Plays, movie commentaries, and memes. While the law only affects Europe, it applies to any European content used by international creators.

For example, if you decided to use a clip from a French movie in your video, then the studio that made the movie could file a copyright infringement against YouTube.

3. The online community is still protesting.

Vloggers who live in Europe can contact their local government representatives to lobby for the repeal of the EU Copyright Directive. If you live outside of Europe, then you can spread the word by sharing your thoughts online or creating a video about why viewers should care.

American vlogger Philip DeFranco made a video to inform his fellow YouTubers about the EU Copyright Directive.

The EU Copyright Directive has the potential for a huge negative impact on YouTube. However, you can still join the ranks of the other vloggers protesting the new law on social media.

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