3 Ways To Strengthen Viewers’ Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty keeps customers coming back to the same company over and over. Because they feel a personal connection to the brand, they’re more likely to purchase its products and recommend it to their friends. As a social media brand, your YouTube channel can benefit from increasing your viewers’ brand loyalty. Loyal viewers will engage with videos, purchase merchandise, and check out brands you do sponsorships with. Most importantly, they’ll become the backbone of the community around your channel, and you will always be able to depend on them for support.

Here are three ways to strengthen viewers’ brand loyalty to your channel.

1. Use a mailing list to connect with them on a more personal level.

Many viewers keep up with their favorite vloggers through social media. However, while you’re sharing your life with the entire world on social media, your viewers would love a more personal, exclusive connection. Use a mailing list to connect with them on a monthly or weekly basis. Send out a periodical newsletter or note to let them know what you’re up to, how you’re feeling, and what’s coming next on your channel.

In one of her recent tour vlogs, musician Dodie encouraged her viewers to sign up for the new mailing list on her website. Because she wants to keep her fans more in the loop with her music, a mailing list is the perfect way for Dodie to connect with her audience.

2. Be open about your insecurities and shortcomings.

Many vloggers struggle between the extremes of keeping up a perfect image of themselves for social media and showing their viewers how flawed they are in order to be relatable. However, you can find the happy medium simply by being yourself. Be open and honest about your insecurities. You should also tell your viewers how you’re working to overcome the things that hold you back.

Vlogger Gabbie Hanna has never been shy about sharing her insecurities with her audience. In this video, she took it a step further by being very candid about her music career. Viewers all across the globe applauded Gabbie’s bravery and were inspired by her story.

3. Create the kind of merch they’re asking for.

One of the best ways to increase brand loyalty is to give your viewers a way to represent their love of your channel in their daily lives. Use Twitter or Instagram story polls to get an idea of the kind of merch they want. Then, get to work designing so you can release a line of merchandise they’ll love. Make sure it aligns with your personal style, too.

Daniel Howell’s viewers know him by his closetful of black clothing. So, it was only fitting for his merch to be all black.

Brand loyalty creates engaged viewers and dedicated fans. Follow these tips to strengthen your viewers’ brand loyalty to your channel.

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