How To Brainstorm Video Ideas That Appeal To A Wide Audience

No matter what your target demographic is, creating videos with a wide audience appeal can help any channel grow. When a certain video appeals to a wide variety of people, it’s more likely to go viral. However, before you can create that viral video, you’re going to have to do a bit of brainstorming.

Here are a few ways to generate video ideas that appeal to a wide audience.

1. Look at the trending page.

A quick scroll through YouTube’s trending page shows you what kinds of videos are most popular right now. Look for similarities in the titles, thumbnails, or topics of the day’s trending videos. How can you incorporate similar elements into your own video?

For example, videos about the best affordable makeup often hit the trending page. Tati’s short, descriptive title and striking thumbnail helped her video reach the trending page.

2. Observe what the most popular YouTubers are doing.

Another way to find out what kinds of videos appeal to a wide audience is to look at the most popular channels on YouTube. What makes their videos so appealing to so many people? What do you like best about their content? What could you emulate on your own channel?

When he first started his YouTube channel, makeup artist James Charles observed what beauty vloggers like Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials were doing.

3. Share your unique experiences with your viewers.

People are innately curious. Therefore, many of them love to learn about people whose lives are very different from their own. What unique experiences could you share with your viewers? What makes your life different from others people’s lives?

Vlogger Molly Burke makes videos about her life as a blind person. By sharing her unique experiences with her audience, she reaches all kinds of different viewers.

Videos that appeal to a wide audience usually have a lot in common. However, stepping outside the box can also help you reach a large audience.

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