Why Viewers Are Not Posting Comments On YouTube

Comments enable discussions around YouTube videos and boost audience engagement. Comments show viewers that your video has something unique to say. However, you may notice that viewers are not posting comments on YouTube.

Below are four reasons why most YouTube videos don’t receive enough comments:

1. Users not logged in to YouTube can’t post comments

All comments are public on YouTube. However, users need to be logged in to YouTube to post comments. This requires users to have a working Google account.  Users who don’t have a Google account would have to create one to be able to post comments. Although it may seem like an easy task, several viewers may not go the extra distance to post comments.

2. The comment box is not within sight on mobile devices

50% of YouTube views come from mobile devices. Thus, a large portion of mobile viewers would potentially post comments on videos. Unfortunately, on mobile devices, the comments tab cannot be seen at first glance. Users would have to scroll to the bottom of the page to post a comment. As a result, viewers might just skip to the next video without posting a comment.

Below is a screenshot of a video playing on a mobile device. The comment section is no where within sight.

YouTube comments on mobile devices

On the other hand, desktop users are more likely to post comments. This is because the comment section is right beneath the video description, well within sight.

comments below the video

4. Videos don’t have a clear call-to-action

Remind viewers to post a comment at the end of the video. Use call-to-action phrases to grab viewers’ attention and compel them to leave a comment.

Follow the below tips to encourage viewers to comment:

  • Ask viewers for feedback on your video. End your video with a question and encourage viewers to respond in the comments section.
  • Begin a discussion with viewers in the comments section. Prompt a conversation about a topic or issue related to your video content.
  • Ask viewers to suggest ideas for your upcoming videos. Encourage them to leave their ideas in the comments section.
  • Respond to viewers’ comments. Remember, interaction is the key to increase audience engagement.

Follow the above tips to notice an increase in YouTube comments. Videos that don’t have a clear call-to-action are likely to have less viewer engagement.

4. Viewers who watch videos on blogs and websites cannot comment

Viewers do not have the option to comment on videos that are embedded in blogs or websites. They would have to watch the video on YouTube to be able to comment. Therefore, a significant number of viewers will not be able to engage with videos.

Comments encourage viewers to share and interact with YouTube videos. The key to more comments lies in your ability to prompt viewers to action. Don’t let the above factors restrict audience engagement. Adopt effective strategies to get more YouTube video comments.

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Manasa Boggaram is a writer and has a strong passion for music, positive news and constructive journalism. When she is not researching story ideas or writing blog posts, she spends her time reading books, discovering new music and eating lots of street food.