10 Successful YouTube Video Promotion Strategies

A billion viewers are searching, watching, and discovering on YouTube every month. In order to draw as many people as possible to your videos, you have to catch their attention.

Here are 10 clever ways to promote your YouTube videos:

1. Optimize your YouTube videos

In YouTube video promotion, SEO is the name of the game. Search Engine Optimization strategies improve a video’s search rankings and increase its visibility. To rank on the first page of Google, try these SEO strategies:

-Give your uploaded video file the same name as the displayed title.
-Research the most commonly searched keywords to generate YouTube results on Google. Target your content towards these keywords.
-Optimize your video title with targeted keywords.
-Write a long video description that utilizes these hacks.
-Tag your videos with relevant keywords and phrases.

2. Use engaging thumbnail images for successful YouTube video promotion

Thumbnails are to YouTube videos what covers are to books. The thumbnail image might be the viewer’s deciding factor between watching your new Taylor Swift cover for the first time or watching “What Does The Fox Say” for the billionth time. Use thumbnail images that clearly describe what your video is about. Pretend that your video is the next Hollywood blockbuster. What should be on the movie poster?

3. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Two stars are brighter than one! Collab videos are a great way to grow your YouTube audience. These projects help video creators tap into a new niche and increase exposure for each respective channel. There are endless ways to collaborate with other YouTubers. Find the style that best suits your team.

Check out this collab between Brooklyn and Bailey and the Merrell Twins!

4. Ask bloggers to share your video

Lots of people depend on blogs for everything from fashion advice to new recipes to music suggestions. This is why blogger outreach is such a useful YouTube video promotion strategy. Asking bloggers to share your video in their blog posts will split the promotion both ways. Be sure to link back to their posts in your video descriptions or on social media so that your viewers will become their readers while their readers are becoming your viewers!

Follow these tips to get bloggers to feature your video:

-Reach out to bloggers who write on topics related to your video content.
-Offer unique and exclusive content to bloggers.
-Design a personal and positive email pitch.
-Follow professional email etiquette.

5. Allow viewers to embed your videos

Allowing viewers to embed your videos on their social media accounts, blogs, or websites will garner more exposure for your videos.

In order to allow embedding, you must change your YouTube video settings. Visit the Video Manager. Then click Edit under a specific video. Next, visit the Advanced settings tab. Finally, check the box beside Allow embedding.

6. Cross-promote your YouTube videos

Cross-promotion makes use of all of your online platforms. Using every avenue available to you will maximize your video promotion potential.

Here are several effective cross-promotional strategies:

-Link your YouTube videos on your blog, website, and social media accounts.
-Include a YouTube widget on your blog and website to will direct your existing followers to your YouTube -channel.
-Use relevant trending hashtags when linking your videos to social media.
-Adopt video promotion strategies that are designed for each specific platform.

7. Create YouTube playlists

Watch-time is a vital ranking factor on YouTube, and playlists are one of the most effective tools for achieving this. Because playlists enable viewers to watch several videos in a single sitting, you can use them to engage viewers and increase your videos’ search rankings.

8. Promote YouTube videos on social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are valuable YouTube video promotion tools. Sites such Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest are crowded with users who are looking for interesting content. Post your video with relevant hashtags to their improve rankings.

9. Participate in forums and discussions

Participate in online forums that discuss topics related to your YouTube video content. Here, you can post links to your YouTube videos on relevant discussion threads in order to enhance visibility. Forums are an especially great way to spread the word on niche video topics.

For example, if you post video reviews of beauty products, then a forum for makeup reviews is an ideal place to post your links. If your channel features your country music videos, then find forums for fans of similar artists you admire. Involving your videos in discussions with like-minded people will increase your exposure and gain loyal viewers for your channel.

10. Promote your videos via email

Emailing marketing is a fast and easy method of video promotion. Send an email to your subscribers every time you upload a new video. Include a short video description and a high-resolution thumbnail to get instant clicks and views. You should also create an email newsletter for your subscribers. Such a newsletter might link your recent interviews, blog posts, or exclusive content. Don’t forget to include a link to your YouTube channel.

Every minute, YouTubers upload 400 new hours of video. Follow these YouTube video promotion strategies to get ahead of the pack.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.