How This Video Got More Than A Million Views In Only 2 Days

YouTube legend Shane Dawson just recently passed the nine million subscriber mark. All of his daily videos get thousands of views almost immediately, but several of them get more than a million in just a few days.

Here’s how this video in particular got more than a million views in only two days.

1. It’s part of a series that his fans love.

Video trends come and go on YouTube. However, sometimes, a challenge that viewers enjoy can turn into a series that they love. That’s what happened when Shane Dawson posted his first “Trying Girl Products” video in November 2015.

When you complete a fun challenge video, be sure to ask your viewers if they’d like to see more similar videos. Who knows? You just might be the very best with a bucket of ice or a one thousand degree knife.

The original “Trying Girl Products” now has more than five million views.

2. The thumbnail grabs viewers’ attention.

Shane is infamous for his expressive and vibrant thumbnails. He knows that when it comes to thumbnails, the bigger, the better.

Learn how to edit pictures to create your own custom thumbnails. This is one of the best ways to get viewers’ attention.

Watch this video to see how Shane creates some of his best thumbnails.

3. He brought back other aspects of his old videos that fans loved.

Shane first gained YouTube fame for all of the crazy characters he used to play. However, in recent years, he’s concentrated more on challenges and stories. That’s why longtime fans went crazy when he turned a few crazy beauty products into his own character, a woman named Kiersten whom Shane insists loves all of the “girl products” he tries.

Look back at a few of your most popular videos. What do they have in common? What did the fans really connect with? What would they love to see you bring back?

Watch Shane and Keirsten test more girl products below.

Shane Dawson’s “Trying Girl Products” videos get millions of views because his viewers really connect with them. He keeps them laughing, and he keeps them coming back for more.

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