How This Channel Gained 6 Million Subscribers In 3 Years

TheRichest describes its content as “list video of mind-blowing facts. Since January 2014, this channel has been putting about daily videos about weird, shocking, funny, and even controversial facts and tidbits. Every single video gets thousands of views.

Here’s how TheRichest gained more than six million subscribers in three years.

1. They talk about popular celebrities.

One thing that most people like to talk about is their favorite celebrities. That’s why TheRichest makes so many videos about famous people, whether it be “1o Awkward Child Celebrities Who Became Hot” or “Famous People Who Are Unrecognizable Today.” They often feature celebrities in their thumbnails as well, which brings in viewers who are fans.

2. Their videos are short and simple.

Most of the videos on this channel are about five minutes long. Because they’re so short, viewers are more likely to watch a few videos at a time, thus giving TheRichest more views. The simple list structure also gets more viewers to watch the entire video so that they can see which fact tops the list.

3. They make use of clickbait thumbnails.

TheRichest often makes thumbnails with pictures that are shocking or popular. They often feature popular celebrities or wild stunts. Viewers feel as if they just have to click on the video to find out what the thumbnail means.

TheRichest makes plenty of shocking videos, and its number of subscribers is even more impressive than the facts they convey. Follow these tips to start earning your own few million subscribers.

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